Inspired by the architecture of Florence, the Renaissance era and its artistic actions, as well as the need to express their passion for the art of perfume, three women decided to create a 100% Italian perfume brand, "Teatro Fragranze Uniche" (as it is called in the Italian language).
Teatro brand creators
The Teatro brand is identified with the unique atmosphere that one experiences when entering the theater, the stage, the actors, the intense characters that we meet on a theater stage but also in our real life.
Teatro brand meaning


Teatro fragrances bring to life the unique memories, moments and feelings we experience when we travel, when we encounter art and when we experience something new, while at the same time evoking feelings of both nostalgia for the past and excitement for the future. A kaleidoscope of olfactory sensations and precious experiences, giving way to new sensual moments and expressed in the form of the best spirits, poured into exquisite perfume bottles.


The Italian company Teatro Fragranze Uniche has developed an exclusive collection of high-quality fragrance products in collaboration with selected perfumers, designers and the leading artisans of Florence, all guided by their deepest instincts, knowledge and rich experience of the subject.

teatro brand values

The company's in-house laboratory is a center of continuous research and innovation. Our customers' feedback is constantly evaluated, while following the latest trends and fashion.

With a vision and a spirit of innovation, Teatro Fragranze Uniche brings a new wave of creative energy to the subject of fragrance spaces. The multiple sides of our work are expressed in the refined sensibility of creating exclusive handmade perfumes made in Italy. A world of fragrances from Teatro Fragranze Uniche, where the motivation of design, packaging and product presentation reflects wholeness and inclusion.

The concept of the circle is universal, sacred and divine and is a small indication of the perfect rounded shape of an ancient amphitheater.