In today's era, consumers choose the brands that offer the best experiences. Emotion trumps logic in consumer behavior, even if it works subconsciously at times.

Which store, hotel, restaurant, etc. did I feel better about stepping foot in?

The first image, the first experience, the first feeling, count and stay. This is where fragrance comes in... to make a difference and welcome your customers in its own unique way... to make them feel beautiful and comfortable...

This is scent marketing. It is the strategy of using a pleasant fragrance to strengthen corporate identity and increase sales.

The purpose is to create a unique experience that will emotionally connect the consumer with the company.

This is achieved by using various techniques to diffuse the aroma within the premises of the business, regardless of whether it is a shop, hotel, office or restaurant.

In fact, some businesses even use fragrance in their bags or packaging, in order to enhance the consumer experience or offer a unique olfactory experience to their online customer who will open the package when they receive the product at home.

What are the benefits of scent marketing?

With scent marketing and fragrance, a deeper connection is created between the consumer and the business or brand. The association (or identification) of a business with its scent is achieved at a rate of 65% within twelve (12) months. In other words, after twelve months, the average consumer associates the fragrance with the company 65%. In some cases of successful scent marketing, this association can last for years.

But the consumer experience is not only olfactory. It is all the other stimuli that the customer receives in the premises of a business - visual, auditory or gustatory stimuli. Aroma complements and enhances all other stimuli. Thus, his overall experience as a consumer is upgraded.

Studies show that businesses that create quality consumer experiences achieve higher customer satisfaction, while their customers make repeat purchases from the same business to a greater extent than their competition.

More generally, olfaction affects the way people sense and interact with the objects and other people around them. In particular, when people receive a good olfactory experience, they become more receptive to consuming products and services and spend more. They become more prone to impulse purchases and more expensive bills. The time they stay in the store increases.

A nice scent can attract the entry of new customers who may for example be standing in the shop window.

The introduction of sophisticated fragrances into the environment of a business differentiates it from its competitors and increases its brand recognition, creating a unique identity and loyalty.

Effect of scent marketing on employees

One of the most important benefits of scent marketing is its effect on employees.

It is observed that employees are happier, more active and productive, resulting in consumers being more satisfied with their service and more likely to recommend the business to others and, of course, to choose the same business again for their next purchase .

Perfume selection as a scent marketing strategy

Are you convinced of the value of fragrance and scent marketing in your overall business strategy? We hope so!

So if you have decided to invest in scent marketing, the next step is choosing the scent that will be associated with your business.

Choosing perfume as an element of scent marketing is not an easy decision. You should first try several fragrances to decide which fragrance is most suitable for your business.

Choosing the perfect fragrance for your business depends on what you sell and who your audience is. Think about what someone thinks when they smell this perfume? how do you want your customer to feel when entering your business premises?

The ultimate goal is to ensure that the fragrance represents your business and the image it projects.

At Teatro Aroma - by purchasing a mini set of 16 room aroma samples - you have the opportunity to try our fragrances before choosing the one that suits you best.

But your options don't stop here! If you wish, there is the possibility of manufacturing a personalized perfume exclusively for your own business, shop or hotel. Contact us to let you know how we can work together.

Scent marketing gives you the opportunity to shape and upgrade the experience your customer receives within your business. Is it time to take advantage of it?