Most people look for spaces that are fresh, lively and musky.

The scent of your home (or business) is just as important as the scent you choose for your body. It's your personal touch. After all, that's where you spend most of your time, isn't it?

Smell defines your rooms and contributes to the overall image your guests form of you.

But how can you choose the right perfume for your space?

Choosing the right perfume space needs attention and perception. The fragrance you choose represents you and your space. It has the power to awaken memories and give birth to new ones. It gives character and creates an atmosphere of hospitality for your guests.

Choosing the right perfume is a difficult task, especially when there is a wide variety of products on the market.

Next, we present the six (6) most important factors that you should consider in order to choose the ideal fragrance for your space.

1. Feeling and mood

First, you should choose a fragrance, not only based on your personal preference, but also thinking about your family, your colleagues or other people who live in or enter your space. Ask yourself what feeling do you want your space to create? Do you want it to create a sense of relaxation, radiate seriousness or refer to a sophisticated high aesthetic space?

For example, in a family space, you may want to evoke familiar and warm feelings. Then, it would be good to choose a vanilla or caramel-based scent, which will also be sure to appeal to our children, since it will remind them of their grandmother's cookies :)

2. Type of perfume

There are two types of perfume: the diffuser and the spray, each of which has its own advantages.

The room spray has a quick effect and is suitable for all rooms regardless of size. It gives off a strong aroma and is ideal for use before your guests arrive or after you've cooked and want to kill the smell.

The diffuser is discreet and can last for a long time - even several months - depending of course on the quality of the fragrance. It is ideal for all areas, while it can act in several rooms at the same time, leaving a pleasant note in your home. Depending on the brand of your choice, its bottle can be carefully designed and decorate your space exceptionally well.

3. Room of interest

The appropriate fragrance also depends on the space or room in which it will be placed.

In the living room it is advisable to put a perfume with sweet and fruity notes. These scents create a warm and comfortable environment and give a refreshing feeling to the space. They are ideal for eliminating difficult odors (such as cigarettes).

The bedroom is combined with a fragrance with notes of musk or wood. these perfumes are deep and sensual, offer relaxation and calmness, while they last longer than other perfumes.

In the bathroom , as in the kitchen, you should place a fruity, intense and acidic scent, such as lemon. It is ideal because it offers freshness and cleanliness. Removes bad odor very quickly by renewing the air in the environment.

Spicy perfumes are usually chosen in the office . Research shows that spicy aromas stimulate creativity and improve employee productivity.

4. Quantity ml

The choice of ml in a diffuser type room fragrance is not accidental. The greater the content, the greater the duration of the fragrance and its spread in the room. Of course, the duration of the perfume and its spread in the space also depend on the quality of the perfume. The better the fragrance, the longer it lasts.

For example, for Teatro perfumes, the following applies in relation to the content, the size of the space they cover and their duration:

  • 100 ml : for spaces < 25 m2, duration < 4 months
  • 250 ml : for spaces < 40 m2, duration < 6 months
  • 500 ml : for spaces <80 m2, duration < 8 months
  • 1000 & 1500 ml > 100 sqm, ideal for studios, open spaces, reception areas, business areas, etc.

5. Product Safety

It goes without saying that your health and safety is the highest good for all of us.

We strongly recommend choosing 100% natural, chemical-free fragrances.

You should know that a perfume with chemical ingredients is not only not good for your health in the long term, but it can also cause headaches, allergies and other respiratory problems in the short term.

6. Variety of ingredients

Finally, you should avoid perfumes based on single ingredients (eg lavender scent) such as those sold by many well-known stores.

Perfumes based on single ingredients tend to overpower and irritate over time, creating olfactory hypersensitivity.

Specialist perfumers report that the combination of various ingredients in one perfume is the most suitable for a pleasant experience, as long as it has been mixed by experienced designers.

The sense of smell is important for all people. In fact, it is the sense most closely associated with memory. It is associated with emotional reactions and experiences, since subconsciously or not, it awakens our mind and reminds us of our past. So let's make sure to make our memories special and precious.

We hope the above steps help you choose the ideal fragrance for your space. In any case, we are at your disposal to help you choose the right fragrance for you, depending on your space and your personality.