The diffusion of Teatro fragrances in the space is done through the bamboo sticks, which are included in every package you buy. Teatro fragrance sticks are made of 100% natural bamboo, ensuring maximum aroma performance.

However, there are practical tips that if you follow, you will achieve the best possible aroma of your space by consuming the minimum possible amount of liquid.

These tips have to do with the size of the package depending on the space, the placement of the liquid, as well as other useful tips depending on the intensity of the scent you prefer.

Amount of liquid

Correct flavoring starts with the amount of liquid or - in other words - the size of the package. Depending on the space you want to perfume, there is also the appropriate packaging.

  • For spaces up to 10 square meters, choose a 100ml package. This package will last up to 4 months. Recommended for spaces such as bedroom and bathroom.
  • For spaces from 10 to 25 square meters, choose the 250ml package. This package will last you up to 6 months. Recommended for your living room.
  • For spaces from 25 to 50 m2, choose the 500 ml package. This package will last you up to 8 months.

It goes without saying that the duration of each fragrance depends on the size of the room it is asked to perfume. The larger the space, the faster the liquid will evaporate.

If you have chosen the right package size and it does not smell, then this means that your space does not have enough oxygen. This phenomenon has been observed in small bathrooms. In such cases, allow more oxygen to enter the space. Do not forget that the diffusion of the aroma is done through 100% natural bamboo and this needs oxygen to perform. Generally, the more oxygen there is in the atmosphere, the more the fragrance diffuses through the sticks.

Placement of perfume

Ideally, to get a stronger scent, you should place your perfume in the center of the space you want to scent, or somewhere near the center.

Avoid placing the perfume in a place where there is a shelf or some other obstacle above it, as the fragrance will not diffuse effectively in the room.

Also, do not place the perfume under the air-conditioner or near a radiator, as it will evaporate the liquid faster without giving you more effect.

Aroma intensity

Aroma intensity is subjective. Some prefer to have a greater intensity of aroma while others like more subtle aromas.

Depending on whether you prefer high or low aroma intensity, there are corresponding practices.

If you want to increase the intensity of the aroma, then you can turn the sticks over so that they are soaked with the aroma from both sides. You can turn them over every 2-3 days or more sparsely depending on how intense a scent you prefer.

When the sticks are watered, the scent diffuses more into the atmosphere. In general, after buying a new package or using new sticks, it is a good idea to turn them over 1-2 days after first placing them in the liquid.

If you want to reduce the intensity of the aroma, then - apart from not having to turn the sticks over - you can remove some sticks from the liquid or use fewer sticks.

However, we note that each package is accompanied by the appropriate number of sticks, judged by the Teatro company as the ideal for optimal flavoring.

Fluid replenishment

Do not let the amount of liquid reduce below half. When the fluid reaches the middle, then refill with new fluid by filling the bottle, so that it performs better. If the liquid is below the waist, then the intensity of the aroma is reduced quite a bit.